Join Team RedMassGroup for Doug Obey

(We’ll be out again this weekend at 9 am in Dedham on Saturday. There is a BBQ after door knocking. Come on down! – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

We have a real chance to win the 11th Norfolk District.  There are two left of center candidates from Dedham who will be splitting the liberal and democratic vote in this election. 

Doug Obey is from Westwood, so he will get both the solid Republican vote + the Westwood townie vote.  This election is about turning out our vote.  As we all saw with Scott Brown, who won a partisan election on the day of the 2004 Democratic Presidential Primary, if we turn out our base we can win. 

I door knocked in the district yesterday with the Young Republican’s and will be doing so every Saturday and Sunday from now until the election on May 15.  I’ll also be working at phone banks after work. 

We can’t do this without you’re help.  Please pledge time to help on this important campaign. 

Email me at to let me know your availability. 

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