Holocaust denial in American classrooms?

Political correctness in American schools is bad, but not nearly as bad as European schools, specifically English schools. John Leo writes this week about how some British schools are dropping lessons on the Holocaust and the Crusades so as to not antagonize Muslim students. Excuse me? Let’s just eliminate two critical events in history for lesson plans because a couple students may feel uncomfortable?

Some British schools are dropping lessons on the Holocaust and the Crusades, seeking to avoid antagonizing Muslim students. A Historical Association report, funded by the department for education and skills, said teachers feared confronting “anti-Semitic sentiment and Holocaust denial among some Muslim pupils.” Some teachers also “deliberately avoided teaching the Crusades” because “a balanced school treatment would have challenged teaching in some local mosques.”

And it gets even more ridiculous … after the break.

Britain usually outpaces the U.S. in the politically correct sweepstakes. Out of deference to Muslim pupils, the “Three Little Pigs” children’s story has become the “Three Little Puppies.” In many English schools, “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep” is now “Baa, Baa, Rainbow Sheep,” which makes no sense, but supposedly spares the feelings of sensitive black pupils. In some of the same schools, Snow White and the seven dwarfs have morphed into Snow White and the seven gnomes. The advantage here: gnomes aren’t really known for shortness, and, as fictional creatures, they’re in a poor position to complain that the story exploits them.

I can see it now … American teachers removing any discussion of the events of September 11th because they may offend Muslim students. It really doesn’t matter that all 19 of the hijackers were Muslim Arabs between the ages of 20 and 38. Portraying anyone of Middle Eastern decent as a terrorist in a classroom is unacceptable.

Since the July 2005 subway bombings, Britain has started to rethink its commitment to aggressive multiculturalism. But some of the nation’s schools remain behind the curve.

They are starting to wake up across the pond. Let’s hope we figure it out before we get in too deep.

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