Hey, that’s hitting below the belt!

A story in today’s Washington Post about Britain’s Defense Ministry barring military personnel from from selling personal stories to the media, in the wake of Iran’s release of 15 British sailors and marines held captive by the Islamic Republic, contained this tidbit —

“Arthur Batchelor, 20, youngest of the captives, told the Daily Mirror that he ‘cried like a baby’ and that his captors tormented him repeatedly by saying he looked like the British comedy character Mr. Bean.”

Those unspeakable bastards.

Has anyone contacted Amnesty International about this? Comparing just about any Brit in uniform to Benny Hill is fair game, as long accepted under the Geneva Conventions. But Mr. Bean – oh the humanity!

“Cried like a baby”? Does the phrase “stiff upper lip” resonate in the least anymore, Mr. Batchelor?

Another pop culture character comes to mind – Dr. Zachary Smith, the craven coward in TV’s “Lost in Space.”

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