Charles Bass: How to put GOP back in power

The Boston Globe opinion pages have an essay by former Congressman Charles Bass (R-NH), entitled “How to put GOP back in power”.

In his opinion piece he talks about returning to the roots of our party, limited government.  He also talks about being wary of the extreme fringes of our party.

THE SOON-TO-BE vacant Fifth Congressional District seat in Massachusetts provides voters an opportunity to complete the two-part lesson begun last November and begin the restoration of the Republican Party into a national, dynamic organization with better ideas, better governance, and better leadership than its rivals.

After the November election and my own loss to a candidate I had bested two years earlier by almost 20 points, Republicans, independents, and Democrats admitted to me that they either stayed home or voted for every Democrat in order to force a change within the Republican Party and send a message to Washington. It can not be denied that the national Republican Party had lost its way, and we were fired as managers of the government.

At the same time, the Republican Party’s base of loyalists narrowed and our management betrayed the faith of too many of our natural supporters, including good government advocates, responsible environmental conservationists, defenders of personal liberty, fiscal disciplinarians, and pragmatic centrists who believe leaders of both parties should work together to do the things that are difficult.

Now if only a candidate would publicly announce.  The National Party is ready for this election.

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