Who’s Reporting For Duty In Next Year’s Senate Race?

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Odd, is it not, that the talk about a potential Republican challenger for John Kerry in the 2008 election has all but ground to a halt?

I hope the decreased speculation about a challenge to Kerry isn’t an early indication that the Massachusetts GOP is planning to once again pass up an opportunity to make a run for Kerry’s seat. It was inexcusable for the party not to offer up a contender in 2002, leaving the job of challenging Kerry to the Libertarian Party; while some may still feel that a fight against Kerry is extremely difficult to win, that doesn’t mean the state GOP shouldn’t make an effort.

If Kerry can’t be defeated now, in his diminished political capacity, then he can never be beaten for his Senate seat. It’s hard to believe that, despite the state GOP’s problems, the party can’t find a contender with enough political skill and fundraising ability to at least make Kerry sweat.

It wasn’t that long ago when a Bay State Republican could make a name for himself by making a serious challenge for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. Let’s hope the party finds someone who can make a clear, principled case against giving Kerry another term. He or she just might become a future leader in the process.

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