Where was this picture taken?

So where was this picture taken?

Hint, it wasn’t in the Middle East.  Answer after the break.

UPDATE: Video added after the break.

The picture was taken at an “Anti War Rally” in Oregon.  That’s right in the great ole U S of A there are people burning our brave men and women of the military in effigy. So much for the “we support the troops but not the war”. 

That line is total BS.  The radical left hates the military and everything it stands for.

Need to have the old blood pressure go up some more?  Follow this link for more pictures.

Hat Tip:Drudgereport

“Bye Bye GI, In Iraq you’re gonna die.”

Nice, real nice

“It’s not just Bush, it’s the soldiers too, Facist war is nothing new.”

Yeah the left loves the military.

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