We’re Sorry New Hampshire or No Balloon for You!

We’re sorry New Hampshire that our crazy liberals have been leaking north of our border.  But hey look on the bright side, you get to learn how crazy it is with a Democratic legislature.  Fining a little child for releasing a baloon into the atmosphere seems to be something our Great and General Court would do. From the Union Leader of Manchester:

People will want to hold onto their balloons if the Senate agrees with a House vote yesterday to ban balloon releases.

By a vote of 215 to 111, the House approved a bill that treats balloon releases as a form of littering.

HB 62 originally barred the release of two dozen or more lighter-than-air balloons.

The version that passed yesterday could bring a $250 fine for even a single balloon let loose. A second offense could bring a $500 fine. The bill specifically exempts hot air balloons, weather balloons and others released as part of scientific researc.

The worst part of this ridiculous piece of legislation is that it was sponsored by a Republican.  What is going north of the border?

How much longer until they get themselves a nifty income tax?

UPDATE: Video added after the break

99 red balloons x $250 = $24,750 fine

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