Romney seen during Jack Bauer Power Hour

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I thought it was smart of Romney to be advertising during last night’s episode of 24.

A national show that captures the young and conservative audience… this was a smart move.

I was not very happy with the last two years of Romney’s Governorship.. and what I thought was his lack of support for Healey, but I understood his behavior following the lack of support he received after lining up all those candidates and having the voters basically say “we like things the way they are.”

So far, I think he’s the best candidate that has emerged at the federal level.

Personally, I am hoping that Gingrich gets into it. He may have hurt himself with a little hypocricy a few years ago.. but from what I understand all you have to do these days is have a tearful apology on Oprah (and a side trip to Letterman and John Stewart) and that will take care of that problem.

His Contract with America brought back the conservative movement. The idiots after him threw away the gift he gave them through appeasement and underestimating the opposition.

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