RMG in the Phoenix

The Phoenix has picked up on the fact that we exist:

Can Massachusetts’s newest conservative blog become a political sensation like liberal fave Blue Mass. Group? If shameless imitation has anything to do with it, absolutely!

Please give the full blurb a read.  It lists many of the popular misconceptions that must exist in people’s minds and I’ll do my best to correct the record below.

The name Red Mass Group is deliberately derivative.  I had first discussed with a friend the creation of a BMG-like site back before the November election.  After the election it became all the more clear that we on the right here in Massachusetts needed our own community site like BMG.  Bloggers had already been  looking for a “Red Mass Group.”  Actually using the name “Red Mass Group” made a lot of sense to me.  Not wanting to step on any toes, I felt it was appropriate to ask BMG if they would mind.

When deciding what software to use for RMG I knew that I wanted to use Scoop.  I had been an avid Kuro5hin reader in the past and also knew that BMG was using a Scoop variant.  Unfortunately, I came to the conclusion that Scoop was too difficult to install, too costly to host, and I simply didn’t have the technical ability to redesign it or maintain it.

So I decided to use SoapBlox instead which is the same blog hosting solution that BMG uses.  All sites hosted by SoapBlox more of less look the same, and apart from RMG they are all left-leaning.  SoapBlox is a good tool and I have no problem using it in the same fashion as everyone else.

This isn’t the first time that the political left have popularized something that I myself found useful for the right.  If you are familiar with Meetup Groups you will know that the Howard Dean campaign did great work with it.  The Young Republicans here in Massachusetts have also had great success using a Young Republican Meetup Group.

The tag line of RMG is an amalgamation of the tag lines of various right wing sites.  There are only so many words to use and so many ways to use them that it should sound similar to other sites.  That it sounds similar to BMG is unintentional, and now that I look at it again, it sounds much more like the tag line from HubPolitcs: “news and commentary from the hub of the universe.”  We also use a graphic of Massachusetts.  I thought about using a graphic of Alaska but it just didn’t seem to fit right.

As for Adam’s prediction that RMG will peter out, he could be wrong and most likely is.

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  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    Getting the attention of the liberal media in Boston in about a week is a good thing.  All press is good press as they say. Congrats Patrick. 

  • GK Chest

    What in the wide world of maps is wrong with Adam’s geography…”The conservatives get some credit for highlighting Republican-leaning counties in red, but not much”

    What does Adam think we have 351 “counties” in the Commonwealth?

    Wake up Mr. Reilly – you’re writing for a credible, well established, highly regarded and respected newspa….oh ..wait..never mind.  Sorry.

  • …as you can see from my member number @ 400.  There are now over 3,000 members.

    The REASON I began correcting and responding there was that I realized that all the media folk were reading it, and being swayed by it, and it was important that I do my bit to keep them honest, or at least ‘reality based’.

    Now, hopefuly, the media will begin to check out this site as a composite of loyal oposition.

    I hope you will treat visiting liberals, like Amber Paw, as well as the EDITORS (if not all the posters!) have treated me on BMG.  Between the two sites, we can have an informed discussion.