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  • I think that this is a great start.  At the recent caucus in New Bedford to elect the new Republican State Committeeman for the Second Bristol & Plymouth district copies of this 18 or so page document were made available for all in attendance.  I was very pleasantly surprised to find a link to a .PDF copy availble at http://www.MassGOP.com.  As such, I’ve forwarded copies to others throughout my region and have likewise linked to it from http://www.SEMassGOP.com.

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    Forgive me, but at the high level this could have come from the democrats.  The only difference in large part is that most of the special giveaways come in the form of tax credits rather than freebies (which is something, I guess).

    I’d like to see an undercurrent of reducing the size of government.

    And as for controlling tax money locally, why send it to the state and beg for it back?  Empower the towns to take half and limit the state to the other half – of, say, a grand total of 5% of (e.g. income). 

    The MA Republicans have little to lose; lets stand for something bolder, shall we?