Reasons # 187 to #192 to get the h—l out of Massachusetts

Heavy toll for transport woes: `Shocking’ deficit to sock taxpayers
By Casey Ross
Boston Herald Reporter
Thursday, March 29, 2007 – Updated: 03:43 AM EST


Here it comes… the new gas tax, the tolls for EVERY road into Boston, the fare increases on public transportation… you name it! The corruption, outrageous payrolls and pensions of State employees and so called “Authorities” ( read “Hack havens) is coming home to roost. They’re all broke and in debt beyond comprehension and as the article points out ” are floating bonds to cover 80% of payroll expenses”
I expect to see 95 south jammed with U Hauls this spring and summer as people get the hell out of this awful State as fast as they can. I’m one of them.
It’s all over.

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