Parent Tax Relief Act – My uterus isn’t a breeding vessel for the Commonwealth

Parent Tax Relief Act


“The Parents’ Tax Relief Act takes a modest step towards empowering and strengthening the family. It would build on Marriage Penalty Tax Relief and the Child Tax Credit, making both permanent; and it would increase deductions for young and elderly dependants. It would also make it easier for a parent to spend more time with their children through provisions that encourage telecommuting and home businesses. And it would recognize the societal contributions of parents by granting 10 years worth of Social Security credits to a spouse who leaves the workforce during their prime-earning years to care for a young child.”

I’m a stay at home mother. My husband and I tried the dual career thing. In our situation not only did we lose out on family time but both of our careers suffered, since we were always trying to juggle between picking up the kids from daycare on time to doctor’s appointments we couldn’t keep up with the full-time plus duties at work. We joke a lot that we would be better off divorced or never married.

People talk about affordable housing, good schools, and transportation costs. But if we want to talk about the best interests of the children and our future we need to talk about making it easier to be a mother and a father. Good, bad, caring, or neglectful we all have a mother and a father. Sure we all have baby amnesia, but we remember childhood. Who wouldn’t want a safe and stable home, knowing mom and dad were at the very least acknowledged for loving one another and providing for their children?

I don’t want to be paid to be a mother and I don’t want to pay someone else to be my children’s mother. Sometimes women like to calculate all the things they do at home. I do not want to be nitpicking and whine about being a wife and mother. I just want to be appreciated for being one.

I find it awkward how people talk about population lost and families leaving Massachusetts. My uterus isn’t a breeding vessel for the Commonwealth. I don’t carry babies to full term, change their diapers, potty train them, and teach them manners just to hand them over to teacher unions and any other special interests of the state.

I have babies, because they are the natural result of the love I have with my husband and who else would I have babies with other then someone who loves me. I know my post isn’t very sophisticated, but that’s the point.

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