Once again, our “Reps” to congress disgrace themselves

Folks, partisan politics is one thing but this is ridiculous. Can you imagine that Steve Lynch is the ONLY( THE ONLY!!!) Massachusetts politician that “we” ( read flaming liberal  “moonbats” for the most part)sent to Washington that voted (YES) to SUPPORT a bill that would indemnify air travelors from being sued by the likes of the radical Islamic “IMAMS” that are now bringing suit against US AIR? These “wronged” Imams are bringing suit against not only US Air but also individual passengers that “turned them in” to authorities as potential terrorists.
Now our left wing politicians want to ‘protect” these Imam scumbags???? by allowing them to sue YOU!! if you feel that you are in fear of what you believe to be suspicious behavior on an airplane??? Can you believe they are voting in this way???

Are you proud of yourselves  Mr. Markey? , Mr. Frank? et al, for your “NO” votes????
Where the hell am I ?? Is this what America has come to?? Once again Massachuseets leads America as a national disgrace .. this is beyond unbelievable. How do we get rid of these people???

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