MA-05: Largest Daily Newspaper Calls Democratic Congress “Treasonous”

The Lowell Sun, the largest daily newspaper in the 5th Congressional in it’s editorial yesterday called the actions of the Democratic Congress concerning a military funding bill treasonous.

So who is behind this bloated — and treasonous — legislation? The Democrats controlling Congress. The Democrats who promised to bring fiscal sanity to the Republicans’ out-of-control spending. The Democrats who vowed a viable solution for Iraq.

We’ve known for a long time that Democrats don’t have a plan to end the war. What they do have are countless white papers on how and when to retreat.

Iraq is becoming their cause celebre for the 2008 presidential election. Well, maybe failure works for the Democrats, but it’s doubtful Americans will jump on board. The stakes are too high in Iraq for us to walk away without a decisive edge in place.

They end this excellently written editorial with the following.

Come on Americans, it’s one thing to be outraged over the mishandling of the war and 3,200 U.S. deaths. But where’s the outrage over this pork fest in a much-needed defense bill?

Is this the Democrats’ answer to Iraq?: Fatten up the cows — and our enemies’ hopes — while U.S. troops are starved of support as a bargaining chip?

Protest the war if you must. But protest the pork and the Democrats’ hypocrisy if you care about the safety of our troops.

The Lowell Sun reaches around 48,000 homes mostly in the 5th Congressional district every day.  Hopefully this is a preview of things to come.

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UPDATE: More from MassGOP News

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