Keeping TV on the DL

Dan Flynn over at his blog Flynn Files had a great post on how he had to toss his TV to gain some normalcy in his life.

It’s my hope (and it looks this way) that the internet can replace the 5 second sound-bite shows like Hardball for something with a little more depth.  Dan Flynn, in his next post found links to William F. Buckley’s Firing Line here .

In addition to the internet reviving great shows it is creating new avenues in which a real dialogue and exchange of ideas can take place.  Maybe my hope for a show that Dan Flynn is talking about will never air on one of the hundreds of cable tv channels (except C-SPAN)…but the internet is making it.

Check out and this exchange between Jonathan Chait of TNR and Jonah Goldberg of NR.  I really enjoy Jonah despite my often disagreements with him, he is witty and often acknowledges the different camps among the conservative movement (instead of arguing his way is the way of the right)

Is this Jonah admitting that Chait got the best of him on the war on the

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