It depends on what the definition of “hazing” is

Will the real Governor Deval Patrick please stand up?  First this weekend in the Washintgon Post Deval Patrick said that he was the victim of “hazing” and needed to learn to govern by “photo-op”.  Then his aides spent a good part of yesterday spinning his statements, as reported by the Boston Herald

Patrick’s comment appeared in a Washington Post article about the difficulties of his first weeks in office. The governor was also quoted saying that he must “get more interested . . . in government by photo op,” something he decried during his campaign.

“Trust me, the governor does not feel that he is a victim of hazing,” Landolfi said. “If you saw his performance yesterday at the St. Patrick’s Day breakfast, you would know that this a man who does not think or claim he was a victim of hazing in any way.”

On the photo-op comment, Landolfi said the governor does not spend his time “strategizing” public relations shots. “The only image he’s concerned about (creating) is a governor who’s moving his budget forward,” he said. “We’re not making a conscious effort to improve his photo ops or image in that way.”

When will the real Deval Patrick reveal himself.  I guess it depends on what the definition of “hazing” or “photo-op” is.

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