Is the worst yet to Come ?

Perhaps what we’ve seen thus far is merely the “Overture” music to a very, very bad movie ?

Will the coming months see the first of Cadillac Deval’s many ‘pardon’s to come to rapists, felons and murderers who have been “unjustly” incarcerated by the system? Will Cadillac follow the lead of his hero and mentor Michael Stanley Dukakis and unleash the Willie Hortons upon us to rape and murder?

How about the Judicial appointments yet to come? I’m waiting to hear that Cadillac has named Ward Churchill to the State Supreme Court. The Dukakoid appointments continue to horrify us to this day.
Imagine living with a flurry of Cadillac Deval lunatic “appointments” for the next 25 years??? My God!!!

Is there no way to get rid of Cadillac BEFORE irreparable damage is done???

I appeal to the honorable Peter Porcupine, esq to use all his wit and wile to help guide and lead us through these horrific and trying times.

God Save (Help) the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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