High Taxes force another big Company Out..

(A discussion on the role of taxes in people’s shopping habits – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

And another one falls.

CompUSA, because of serious competition in the market for computers and flat panel TVs is closing nearly half its stores across the country.

Of course, if you look at where they are closing them, its in the high sales-tax states.

Massachusetts is losing 6 of 7 stores. The only remaining one is in Holyoke (center of the state,  from any border).

All of New York will only have four stores remaining, yet so far all of New Hampshire’s four stores will remain open.

Seems to me that customers are going to where the taxes are low to get their big ticket items.

Every time a moonbat says “its just another couple cents” they need to look at what that means when buying a $1500.00 computer or $2000.00 television.

If I have the ability to save $50 to $100.00 by driving up the street for 10 or 20 minutes.. guess where I’m going?!

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