Eleventh commandment, does it make sense?

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Does it make sense to protect a person who is of questionable character because they are Republican?  I have the utmost respect in Ronald Regan and his memory.  I wish we had people like him in our midst now.  If we did I know that we would be in better shape.  That being said, as Republicans we have been through a lot.  Being a Republican in Massachusetts, is like wearing orange on St. Patrick’s Day.  You get a lot of abuse, and you generally do it on purpose.  But in the past year, we have been through the ringer.  We lost the corner office that we have held for 16 years.  Why, because there has been a lot of fancy footwork in the state party.  Hopefully, with new leadership that will change.

I think it started when it was decided that the Republican convention would take place before the primary, but I digress.  This past election cycle, we had an outgoing governor, who had spent all his political capital, and in this writers opinion he had spent much of the party’s capital also.  He was unable to get a lot of reforms enacted because he chose a different path than his predecessors, and upset the Beacon Hill powerful.  But that’s not the important thing here.  The question is when do we draw the line, and promote, or protect someone who has clearly done harm to the party.  Is it a felony?  Should a child molester be allowed to stay in the party?  Drug dealing?  Money laundering?  Check bouncing?  Our organization is left in shambles partly because of the previous governor, and partly because of party leadership.  But we let them do all of it.  Should we let people of questionable ethics and morality continue to hold leadership positions in our party, or should we talk about why they shouldn’t.  I’m not saying, “Gee, Bob likes to drink.  He shouldn’t be chairman.”  But more like, when someone refuses to step down, it shouldn’t be a secret as to why people are disenfranchised by him.  More like “Gee, Bob just got indicted on extortion charges, and he still wants to be chairman.  Let’s tell people why he shouldn’t stay and sway opinion.”  Hard core Republicans have left the party because people like this remain in power, and people know what they do, and keep it quiet, protected by Regan’s commandment.

Republicans in the past few years have been in the super minority in Massachusetts, and we can work to mobilize and motivate the remaining Republicans, but we can’t do it if the leadership doesn’t want to follow the rules of order, or have very questionable backgrounds.  The party in Massachusetts is fractured, but these factions, and previous behavior and we need to heal and move forward.

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