BMG crowd “horrified” by long over due Law Enforcement today

Cadillac Deval decided and mandated that our own law enforcement officials ( State Police)had “more important” things to do ( drive his limo to D.C, etc) Sooooo now when the FEDERAL agencies finally  and actually did step in ( with Cadillac’s full knowledge and compliance)and  at last ENFORCE THE LAWS regarding United States Citizenship….the “pony tailed’ , knitting, trustfunded, “together we can”  crowd are “horrified”” ….THE …  “No , I know I don’t have any children/grand children that are being screwed and ripped off by illegal aliens” crowd screams “the children!!! the children!!! … Geeshh folks.. I think I’m gonna be sick!!

What about MY children??? What about MY grand children that will be DENIED admission to U Mass 20 years from now in some delusional left wing “racial quota scheme”??? FFFF…. them!!!! Am I angry?? Damn right I am!!
I say to “Charley onthe MTA” who was quoted in the socialist “GLOB” today… Charley.. move out  of your parents cellar in Cambridge, get married, have a couple of kids and then figure out that you can’t support them and provide them with a good education while  you try to do the same for every third worlder that shows up for a hand out in the middle of the night after breaking into our country… got it Charley?????
If anything the “Raid” in new Bedford was not Draconian enough…..the “message” has to go back to Latin America “Don’t come to massachusetts  ILLEGALLY!!! NOT WELCOME!!!!
The only dissapointment on the “raid” was that the “slave owners” of the “factory” were released??? insted of being imprisoned for 20+ years or deported themselves?????
  But of course, we can call upon Ted K to solve this imagration issue with the same success as he did in 1966… our “politicians” are a true disgrace aren’t they?

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