Barney Frank: Beyond the pale

Making fun of Barney Frank because he is gay is a stupid and horrendous waste of time.  We do ourselves a disservice because then we can’t attack him when he really screws up, or the as pers put it the “Two Minute Hate” begins. 

However, on Bill Maher’s Real Time, Barney Frank repeated for a yuck line the vile hate that was spoken against Dick Cheney.  Frank repeated the line,

…the bomb was wasted

when referring to Cheney.  This is beyond the pale.  But as Levar Burton used to say, “you don’t have to take my word for it.”

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  • ColorPurple

    and the host asked what the comments were.  If Barney was “so vile” – doncha think Scarborough would have had a cow?  Scarborough can have a cow on command!! I watch him regularly…and I gotta believe that.

    Maybe it’s just nuance….but I see a huge difference between Barney’s response to a question, and Ann Coulter’s brilliant quip. 

  • JK

    This is exactly the type of ridiculous debate that is going to stand in the way of rebuilding the two party system in Mass. 

    The “beyond the pale” words that you are trying to call Frank out on are not even his own.  He is just repeating what someone put on their blog.  Then you want to say he violated some law or his oath of office by saying this.  Come on.  You have to do better then this.

    The worst part is that you misrepresented his view in the way you are presenting this.  Frank is saying that the head of the blog did the right thing by taking down the comments that stepped over that line.

    In addition, this amount to an ad hominem attack.  We need to have more substance to our commentary or we are going to remain the laughing stock of the state and the nation.

    • JK

      You implied that this was somehow a violation of his oath of office or that he should be held to hire standard on this because of that oath.  Either of this are incorrect. 

      First, Frank is protected by the same freedom of speech this blog is.  Unless Frank was asking for someone to blow up the VP, he can say what ever he likes.

      Second, the facts of this case do not support your position.  Frank was supportive of the blog owner for taking down the comments that said things like “the bomb was wasted.”  He felt the comments were in poor taste.

      If we want to be upset with anyone, it should be Bill Maher.  His line “I have zero doubt that if Cheney was not in power, people would not be dying needlessly tomorrow.”  Followed by “If [Cheney] did die, other people would live.”  These lines are far more offensive then Frank repeating what was posted on a blog.

      This is very similar to the Scott Brown situation a couple of weeks back.  I know I defended Brown in this situation based on the fact that he did not create the offensive posts, he brought them to light.

  • demolisher

    Frank repeated the line in the course of the discussion, he did not laugh about it or condone it in any way.  He in fact vigorously defended Huffington for *removing* the offending posts. 

    I’m no Democrat lover but I’ve seen Frank stand up for whats right more than once, and it seems to me that that is what he did here.

  • Difficult for me to watch Maher since he is unfailingly insipid.

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    I did not know this but Barney Frank seems to be a regular blogger on The Huffington Post


  • I’ve never seen it.  I wasn’t even outraged at Maher’s show ending comment after 9/11.  In fact, I loved Politically Incorrect and was sad to see it go.