Barbara Anderson on Lowell Sun Talk tonite

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To those of you up in the Merrimack Valley (and anyone else who may want to join in).

The Lowell Sun runs a weekly telephone chat program.

This week, Thursday night at 7, they will have Barbara Anderson from Citizens for Limited Taxation to discuss her “insight on Gov. Deval Patrick’s proposed 2008 state budget” and to make some of her own recommendations.

She is always a great one to listen to.

Its good to see CLT starting to come back, as the people are reaching for someone to lead the way back to sanity.

Check out the Lowell Sun website at http://www.lowellsun… for more info.

UPDATE Podcast can be heard here

For the fun of it, I posted this earlier in the week at a Lowell website where they were discussing the need for a new opening prayer for the Lowell City Council meetings:

The Taxpayers Creed

I believe in all tax-cuts
the small and the mighty,
creating a heaven on earth.

I believe in Barbara and Chip,
only descendents of Jerry.
Concieved by the likes of Dukakis,
born of the anger and frustration of the common people,
suffered under totalitarian state legislatures..

They were crucified, nearly died and buried..

But in the Patrick era they rose again,
(in fulfillment of our petitions)

We will come again in glory,
to free the encumbered and the oppressed
and our economy will have no end.

We believe in the individual spirit,
the worker in the fields,
the office manager,
the business owner,
the day laborer,

the resurrection of the people
and the ability of each to rise to his own heights
through work, risk and heavenly guidance.


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