A dreaded family secret revealed! (and a little Saturday satire if you don’t mind)

Isn’t it about time that I, a humble liver, after over a half century of being constantly deluged by a never ending downpour of alcohol,  be able to speak out with the same equality, fame and notoriety that my colleagues  the brain ( what little of it now remains) , the penis ( always a big “hit” at the family manse in Fla) and the vociferous anus have enjoyed over all these many years as an icon of liberal ideology?

In this enlightened age of open borders (which the anus has again succeeded in maintaining since its 1966 success) , same sex marriage and a new “anything goes” Godless secular progressive philosophy that has swept the land, why should I, a humble liver , continue to endure the repressive attitudes and censorship of my fellow organs ?

For all these years I have quietly and painfully gone about the business of enabling their outrageous excesses both physical and fiscal and now its time to rebel! At last they begin to realize that without me, they can not survive! I shall be heard!

Yes!  The time has come for this humble liver to take revenge! …For this liver to assert its new found power!  Enough is Enough!  It is time that the world learns one of the most  dreaded family secrets!  That this liver is a dreaded Conservative Republican!!!!!!

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