Will the Last Business Left Please Turn out the Lights….

Is Deval Patrick bent on driving every last business out of the Commonwealth? Now he wants to give “low-income” people property tax “relief” while having businesses pick up the bill, “Patrick plan has tax breaks for homes”.

This is not a tax break as the Boston Globe tries to make us believe.  This is a tax increase on the  businesses that drive our economy.  It plays into the liberal mindset that all business is bad, and should be punished with punitive taxes. 

I’m sorry, but all business is not bad.  In fact it is business which employ people, which grows our economy, and strengthens our communities.  It is not “the state”. 

This plan strikes me as a classic class warfare taken out of the socialist playbook.  Real property tax relief would come from a “flat property tax”.  A property tax not tied to property value but to square footage in your home and the acreage you own. 

A flat property tax would take away the shell game that town and city officials can play.  You know the one, “we lowered your property tax rate”. Yeah but the basis for tax went up by 25%.  The basis for property tax with a flat property tax would only go up when you put an addition on your house or add a deck etc…  Here’s the formula:

Living Area(Living area rate) + acreage(acreage rate)= Property Tax.

It’s an idea who’s time has come.

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