Two Out of Three is a Start….

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So.  The Cadillac DeValle will be paid for partly by Governor Patrick.  His excuse that the old Crown Vic that Mitt Romney drove ‘has 80,000 miles on it and the heater doesn’t work!’ merely increased my respect for Mitt’s frugality, if it’s true.  Now, the $595 per month difference in the leases will be paid by Gov. Patrick – hopefully from his own pocket, and not from his campaign account.

Also, he will reimburse the Commonwealth $27,000 that he spent on office furniture.  Again, hopefully not from the campaign account.

What perhaps SHOULD be paid from the campaign account is after the break…

…the scheduler for Mrs. Patrick at $72,000 per year – that is two Cadillacs, and that doesn’t even take into account the health care and pension attached!

Diane Patrick has given no indication that she plans to leave her practice at Ropes & Gray.  Her obligation to the Comonwealth is at best a part time one.  Why then a full time Chief of Staff?

To put this into perspective, a Chief of Staff for a Legislative Committee, responsible for arranging all hearings, vetting all bills, arranign notification for testimony, providing the Chair with research and analysis – this responsible postion is paid less than $40,000.  Yet Diane Patrick needs somebody paid twice as much to verify her speaking engagement with the Urban League.

Perhaps the Chief of Staff position, given to his chief fundraiser, is something that he should use the campaign account to pay. Together we can…figure out how to have the style so wanted without soaking the taxpayers for it.

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