OH NO!!! The drapes touched the floor!!

Buried in today’s Boston Globe story is this little gem.

In his statement, Patrick said he replaced items that Romney had personally owned and taken with him when he left office. But Romney left behind drapes, a desk, and other furniture, according to Eric Fehrnstrom, a spokesman for the former governor. Kyle Sullivan, Patrick’s press secretary, later said that the drapes left behind had fallen off the wall because of crumbling plaster.

You have got to be kidding me.  So the Patrick family buys new fabrics everytime they touch the floor?  Man their clothing bill must be outrageous.  “Darnit honey, my socks touched the floor again, I need a new pair.”

Wouldn’t the proper and prudent thing to have done been fix the “crumbling plaster”  I’m guessing that would have cost less than 10,000 dollars.  Won’t the new drapes just end up on the floor if the plaster is still crumbling?

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