McGrory wasn’t that Far off. The Coronation is Over, the Reign has begun

It looks like Brian McGrory wasn’t too far off in his December 8, 2006 column, “The Coronation of Deval”.  Remember, this is when now Governor Patrick was planning his multi-day ignauguralpaloza.

Fitting in the article is this gem.

Deval L . Patrick has planned a five-day extravaganza for early January costing anywhere from $1 million to $1.6 million, a state record, and perhaps twice what Mitt Romney spent. Exact details haven’t been released, but Patrick apparently plans to ride a hand-carried chariot from Boston to the Berkshires as a collection of serfs throws rose petals.

No hand carried chariot, but a pimped out Caddy that Xzibit would be proud of, on MTV’s Pimp My Ride.  Isn’t it funny how everything Deval gets costs twice as much, first his inaguration, then his car, then his office, and of course the daytimer keeper for his wife.  Maybe there isn’t a billion dollar budget deficit, he’s just trying to spend twice as much…….

I’m wondering, when do the lictors bearing the fasces of imperium get hired?  I half expect to see them walking in front of the Caddy next week.

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