Just to rub salt in the Wound

“Amy” Gorin  of  224 Big bucks Lane, “Swellesley” rode down in the new Sedan “Devalle” to Washington DC this weekend with her new “boss”(s).
It’s not hard to envision or imagine  celebratory Dom Perigion being quaffed behihind raised smoked glass lest the State Police “Chauffeur” ( at $60/hr+) detail overhear the “conversation” and muffled laughter.
I guess i’m just jealous that I, a mere taxpayer, never got to bid on that $72K juicy State job with benefits,pension etc ( like this rich woman  needs it) but then again, who am I to complain when a “Caddilac Deval” Campaign fund raising managerial “hack” is far more deserving and should be “awarded” such a “plum” uncontested? How un-democratic of me!..mia culpa! How un “together we can” can I be ?
All I can do to console myself unfortunatly, is to once again drown myself in Tek K “holy water”…

To come to the point . Should the tax payers demand a detailed account of the expense for this newly created Governatorial “Position” of “administrator” of  his wife’s affairs of well over 300, 000 dollars over his tenure of four years? Should it begin with an accounting of Mrs Gorin’s expenses of this first junket this week to Washington? Don’t we “together “deserve to know?

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