Give me your tired, your poor….

…your treacherous murderers yearning to be free…

From the Portsmouth Herald:

His arrest on Friday was the third in Framingham since 2005 of an illegal Brazilian immigrant convicted of murder in Brazil, according to ICE.

“These three treacherous fugitives were living openly in a suburban Massachusetts community,” Bruce Foucart, ICE special agent in Boston, told the newspaper.

Now is a good time to recall the words of Governor Deval:

With all that the State Police have to do to enforce the laws of this Commonwealth, I do not believe that it is either practical or wise to ask them to enforce Federal laws as well.

And the Commander of the State Police:

The commander of the state police has broken his silence on former Gov. Mitt Romney’s controverisal plan to use troopers to detain illegal immigrants, telling the Herald tonight it would have hurt efforts to fight urban crime.

“You need to have cooperation and trust from immigrant and minority populations,” Delaney said, adding that Romney’s plan “would have been a little conflict in our mission” to prevent gang and gun violence.

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