DeVille Goes to Washington: $72G scheduler along for the ride

Deville, bot the Governor and the car, made a trip to Washington this weekend (Boston Herald “PR woes follow Gov to D.C.: Patrick takes posse, new Caddy to Washington”

While going to the Governors Association meetings is certainly a legitimate use of the Governors time, did he really have to bring the Caddy?

State police drove Patrick’s Cadillac DTS sedan to meet him at the conference, said Lt. Eric Anderson. Patrick recently pledged to pay out-of-pocket for half the $1,166 monthly payment for the car, which is more luxurious than cars used by previous governors. He is also footing the bill for the new office furnishings.

This begs the question how did Governor Patrick get to the airport?  Did he take the old Crown Vic with him after all the state owns it

The state already owns Romney’s old Crown Victoria, which Patrick rode in during his first month in office. He said the car had high mileage and a broken heater. State officials bought the car for $11,520 after the $623-a-month lease expired in October 2005.

The most puzzling part of all of this is that Diane Patrick’s $72,000 aide has gone along for the ride.  How many other first ladies are bringing their high priced Daytimer keepers to the conference?

One final thought, who’s paying for the 900 miles round trip in gas? At $2.25 a gallon, and an EPA highway rating of 25 mgp the gas cost about $81.  Not to mention the overtime for the state trooper to drive it down there.

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