Cry Me A River…………..

Has anybody been over to visit our leftie friends at Blue Mass Group lateley.  It’s a whine fest.  Particularly this  thread. 

The lefties/progressives/liberals whatever they want to be called today, are actually blaming John Keller  and the media for Patrick’s problems.  My favorite is by raj:

I’ve pretty much stopped paying
attention to the opinion-related bloviations of Jon Keller, and, quite frankly, to most of the other people in the American advertising-driven media (which includes most media, including public TV and radio).

As far as I can tell Keller had some “x” number of minutes to fill between commercials for “this” pill and “that” nose-strip, and he had to fill them with something–anything.  And this was the idiotic thing that he filled those minutes with.

Understand: the purpose of advertising-driven media in the USofA is to provide a bit of entertainment to get people to watch the advertisements, and that’s it.  The customers of advertising-driven media are not the listeners or viewers.  The customers are the people who pay the bills–the advertisers.  Jon Keller was the dancing monkey that the station put on to get people to stay to watch the advertising.

Of course! it’s the free market’s fault!!!

Here’s the skinny,  Deval Patrick feels entitled. 

Why should he have to drive in a hybrid like he said he would during the campaign, when a tricked out Caddy will do?

Why shouldn’t his wife who’s been to two events in two month’s NOT get a scheduler?

Why shouldn’t the office look “nice”?

Why, why, why?

Because Governor, you say we have a Billion Dollar deficit, even though tax receipts this year will be higher than last year.  So where does this deficit come from?????????  There are two options, A) it doesn’t exist, or B) the legislature is out of control spending.  Your choice Governor.

Oh and after the jump I got the lefties something to go with their whine.

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