Busy, busy busy!

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Our new Governor is attending the National Governor’s Association in Washington, D.C. and has brought with him his Chief of Staff, an additional aide, his wife’s Chief of Staff, and Mrs. Patrick, who will be ‘investigating issues that she will be working on that the Administration will be backing’.  The fact that Mrs. Patrick is a practicing attorney at Ropes & Gray (can you say Conflict of Interest?) appears to be no bar to the incipient Co-Governorship.  We may now have our very own Hillary Clinton to help us learn why we need a bright shiny social program.

However – it is appropriate for Patrick to bring his wife and staffers to such a conference.  What is LESS appropriate is his ordering the State Police to – wait for it – drive the infamous Cadillac down the Jersey Turnpike and New York Thruway to have it waiting for him in D.C.!

Now, we all know that Deval Patrick is a corporate being, using good business practices to streamline state government.  I’m waiting to see the time management studies that the Governor had done that prove that while the State Police do not have time to detain illegal immigrants, they DO have time to drive his new Caddy to DC to meet him when he hops off the plane….

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