Register of Deeds for the Essex Southern District

As a lifelong North Shore resident who has been involved in my community (most recently getting elected to the Rockport Housing Authority), I want to be your next Register of Deeds for the Essex Southern District because I believe strongly in producing a government that serves you, the voter, tax payer, and homeowner. Unfortunately, the management of the Registry has…

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Wanted: Candidates Who Will Save the Commonwealth

Beacon Hill is gearing up for another election where they can keep the status quo intact, unless of course we can disrupt their plans. The only way we can do this is if we have strong conservative challengers in key legislative races, we need YOU! If you’ve ever wondered:

    What’s it really like to be a state representative? Can I

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Term Limits for Elected Cape Cod Regional Officials

Editor: I have recently proposed a  Barnstable County Home Rule Charter change regarding Term Limits. I formally propose that all elected Barnstable County officials be limited to serving three (3) consecutive terms in a position! Term limits would provide new people with innovative ideas to elected County office. Moreover, term limits will reduce the influence of special interests and extremist…

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